3 September 2009 (Thursday)

1230 hrs -1400 hrs

Lunch (by invitation only)

Venue: Mumtaz Mahal, The Taj Palace Hotel

1400 hrs - 1415 hrs

Inauguration of Ministerial Meeting: Welcome Address by Commerce and Industry Minister

Venue: Shah Jahan, The Taj Palace Hotel

1415 hrs - 1430 hrs

Statement by Director General, WTO

1430 hrs - 1500 hrs

Statements by the Chairs of the Negotiating Groups on Agriculture, NAMA & Services

(10 minutes each)

1500 hrs - 1620 hrs

Statements by:

Coordinator of G-20 (Brazil)

Coordinator of Cairns Group (Australia)

Coordinator of NAMA-11 (South Africa)

Coordinator of Cotton-4 (Burkina Faso)

EC Trade Commissioner

Coordinator of African Group (Egypt)

Coordinator of ACP (Mauritius)

New Zealand

(10 minutes each)

1620 hrs - 1640 hrs

Coffee Break

1640 hrs - 1800 hrs

Statements by:

Coordinator of G-33 (Indonesia)


Coordinator of SVEs (Barbados)


Coordinator of LDCs (Tanzania)

Coordinator of CARICOM (Trinidad & Tobago)

Coordinator of G-10 (Switzerland)


(10 minutes each)

1800 hrs - 1900 hrs

Window for bilaterals

1930 hrs

Cultural programme cum dinner ( by invitation only)

Venue: Kamal Mahal-The Maurya, Diplomatic Enclave Sardar Patel Marg, New Delhi

*The ministerial meeting would be in the format of Minister plus two senior officials per delegation