XVI Finance Commission Constitutes Advisory Council


[ABS News Service/10.07.2024]

The Sixteenth Finance Commission has constituted an Advisory Council with the following members:

(i) Dr. D.K. Srivastava

(ii) Mr. Neelkanth Mishra

(iii) Dr. Poonam Gupta

(iv) Ms. Pranjul Bhandari

(v) Mr. Rahul Bajoria

Dr. Poonam Gupta shall be the Convenor of the Advisory Council.

The role and functions of the Advisory Council will be:

         To advise the Commission on any of the Terms of Reference (ToR) or related subjects that may be of relevance.

         To assist in the preparation of papers or research studies and to monitor or assess studies commissioned by the Finance Commission, thereby enhancing the Commission's understanding of the issues in its ToR.

         To help broaden the Commission's ambit and understanding by seeking the best national and international practices on matters pertaining to fiscal devolution and improving the quality, reach, and enforcement of its recommendations.

This is as per the Office Memorandum no. 10/35/2024-Estt/SFC dated 11th June, 2024.