Daily Index of Changes

Year 2019



Notification No./Date/Source


GST on IIMs only below 1 Year Courses, Past Cases from 1 Jan 2018 Covered

·    Short Term Courses without Official Recognition to Pay 18% GST

GST Circular No. 82/01/2019-GST dated 1st January 2019


No GST on ADB and IFC

GST Circular No. 83/02/2019-GST dated 1st January 2019


Printing of Pictures is under 998386 Liable to 18% GST

GST Circular No. 84/03/2019-GST dated 1st January 2019


Clarification on GST Rate Applicable on Supply of Food and Beverage Services by Educational Institution

·    Food and beverages by an educational institution to its students, faculty and staff, where such supply is made by the educational institution itself, is exempt under Notification No. 12/2017-Central Tax (Rate) dated 28.06.2017, vide Sl. No. 66 w.e.f. 01-07-2017 itself. However, such supply of food and beverages by any person other than the educational institutions based on a contractual arrangement with such institution is leviable to GST@ 5%.

GST Circular No. 85/04/2019-GST dated 1st January 2019


GST on Services of Business Facilitator (BF) or a Business Correspondent (BC) to Banking Company

·    Classification of branch of a bank as located in rural area and the services which can be provided by BF/BC, is governed by the RBI guidelines. Therefore, classification adopted by the bank in terms of RBI guidelines in this regard should be accepted.

·    The exemption from tax on services provided by BF/BC is dependent on the meaning of the expression “accounts in its rural area branch”.

·    The scope of exemption to services provided in relation to “accounts in its rural area branch” vide Sl. No. 39 of Notification No. 12/2017- Central Tax (Rate) dated 28.06.2017.

·    Banking company is liable to pay GST on the entire value of service charge or fee charged to customers whether or not received via business facilitator or the business correspondent.

GST Circular No. 86/05/2019-GST dated 1st January 2019


GST Revenue Collection Falls in December 2018

·    Rs. 94,726 crore of total gross GST revenue collected in the month of December

PIB Press Release dated 1 Jan 2019


Merchant Exporters to get Interest Equalisation of Three Percent for Pre and Post Shipment Rupee Export Credit

PIB Press Release dated 2nd January 2019


IGST Export Refunds – EGM Errors Hampering IGST Refund Processing – Mismatch in Local Gateway EGMs Result in Error SB006

CBIC Circular No. 01/2019-Customs dated 2 January 2019


Red Sanders Wood Export Quota – Karnataka Govt to Finalise Modalities and Allocation of Balance Quantity by 30 April 2019

DGFT Notification No. 48 /2015-2020 dated 3 January 2019


Number of Bills in Form ANF-4F and ANF-5B included in Declaration for Advance and APCG Authorisation Redemption

Public Notice No. 66/2015-20 dated 3 January 2019


Service Tax as Transition Credit Allowed Upfront in GST Law under Sec. 140(1) CGST Act, 2017

Circular No. 87/06/2019-GST dated 2 January 2019


RBI Allows One-Time Restructuring of Existing Loans to MSMEs to Avoid NPA Labelling

RBI/2018-19/100 - DBR.No.BP.BC.18/21.04.048/2018-19 dated January 1, 2019


Rupee Gains by 20 paise against Dollar to Rs. 71.25 w.e.f. 4 Jan 2019

Notification No. 02/2019-Customs (N.T.) dated 3 January 2019


Capital Goods Import Power Transmission and Distribution Disallowed under EPCG

·    “Supply” Word in Appendix 5F at Sl No. 12 Clarified

·    Generation of Power Word Creeps into Clarification, Capital Goods for Generation of Power also Banned under EPCG now!



Export Obligation Discharge under ANF 5B to Declare No of Non EDI Shipping Bills, Regional Authority to Audit 5% of EDI Shipping Bills, Full Audit only of Non EDI Shipping Bills if Present in Shipment



Methylene Chloride from EU and US to Continue under ADD for Next Five Years in Review – No Changes in Duty

·    Korea Out of the Net, EU and US are on the Hook



CRO must be satisfied for IT Goods like Mobiles

·    No CRO to Result in Destruction of Goods at Import Point



Aviation Gasoline under 27101219 on Free with AU Import through IOC (Policy Condition 5) – Flying Clubs Exempted



All Restricted Fertilisers Freed Subject to Universal Condition of NoC from Dept of Fert must for Export of Fertilisers



Procedure to Obtain NoC from Dept of Fertilizers for Fertilizers Export



Revised List of 64 Entries for MEIS Listed in Public Notice 61/2017 for Manual Mode Processing



Guidelines for Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for EODC (Export Obligation Discharge Certificate) Monitoring Advance and EPCG Authorisations



Chief Commissioners to Audit 5% of Audit Reports



Trade Exhorts Minister for AA Reform with Retrospective Effect

·    Minister Notes Steep Fall in Export Credit Utilisation

ABS News Service/10.01.2019


Patent Law to Cover Monsanto Patent on Cotton Seeds

·    Nariman Sinha Overturn HC Verdict on No Patent to GM Seed

ABS News Service/10.01.2019


New Agri Export Policy Aims Doubling of Shipment in 4 Years to $60bn

ABS News Service/10.01.2019


Revenue Claims 3626 GST Evasion Cases Detected in 9 Months till Dec 2018, Recovery Rate of 66.4% in Evasion of 15278 crs

·    Analytics Directorate in CBIC Detects Cases through Data Mining

ABS News Service/10.01.2019


Four Fold Increase in Cotton Production in Last 15 Years Claimed using GM Cotton

ABS News Service/10.01.2019


Minister Claim Compulsory Neem Coating of Urea Kills Urea Diversion

ABS News Service/10.01.2019


Transfer of MEIS Allowed only through DGFT Computer, Manual Transfer not Allowed

·    Scrips issued from 14 Jan 2019 Covered

·    Physical Issue of Scrips too will Go in Future

DGFT Trade Notice No. 42/2015-2020 dated 11 January 2019


IGST and Compensation Cess Exemption Allowed in DFIA Cases under AA – DGFT Notification

·    AAL and Deemed Exports Covered

·    Alternatively Utilization in Factory with CA Certificate Must

·    IGST and CC to be Paid if Goods Sold in Market

·    Facility Expires on 31 March 2019

DGFT Notification No. 53/2015-20 dated 10 January 2019


IGST and Compensation Cess Exemption Allowed in DFIA Cases under AA – Customs Notification

·    AAL and Deemed Exports Covered

·    Alternatively Utilization in Factory with CA Certificate Must

·    IGST and CC to be Paid if Goods Sold in Market

·    Facility Expires on 31 March 2019

Customs Notification No. 01/2019 dated 10 January 2019


GST Act 2018 Amendments to be Notified w.e.f. 1 February 2019

·    Last date for passing the examination for GST Practitioners to be extended till 31.12.2019

Press Release dated 10 January 2019


Electrical Insulators from China Sunset Review Initiated on Complaint of Aditya Birla Insulators, Insulators and Electricals and Modern Insulators

·    Ntfn 11/2015 Expire on 15 Sept 2019

Initiation Notification - Case No. (Sunset Review)- 21/2018 dated 10 January 2019


South African Rand Exchange Rate Revised

Notification No. 03/2019 - Customs (N.T.) Dated 11th January, 2019


Import Quantity in SION Rationalised for Builder Bag

DGFT Public Notice No. 69/2015-2020 dated 10 January 2019


Cashew Industry Gets Six Months Additional Extension in EO for Advance Authorisation Issued upto 30 June 2016

DGFT Policy Circular No. 17 dated 14th January 2019


NoC from Narcotics Commissioner not Required before Import of Nicotinic Acid & Nocitinamide

DGFT Notification No. 55 dated 15th January 2019


207 Technical Textiles Items Notified

DGFT Notification No. 54 dated 15th January 2019


$125.21/MT of Anti-dumping Duty Imposed on Sacking Bags from Janta Jute Mills, Bangladesh

Customs Notification No. 02 and 03 (ADD) dated 15th January 2019


Export Growth Slows to 0.34% in Dec 2018

MoC&I Press Release dated 15th January 2019


New ECB Norms Lift Sector-wise Limits

·    $750mn per year under Auto Route

·    New Window for Oil Companies of $10bn under Auto Route

·    Micro Finance, Ports, SIDBI/Exim Bank Allow ECB



Courier Imports under Attack from Swadeshi Jagran Manch

·    Delhi Customs Standing Order for Mis-declaration and Smuggling of Goods Imported through Courier

Delhi Air Cargo Export Commissioner Standing Order No. 01/2019 dated 10 January 2019


IGST and Compensation Cess Exemption Allowed in DFIA Cases under AA – Central Tax Notification

·    AAL and Deemed Exports Covered

·    Alternatively Utilization in Factory with CA Certificate Must

·    IGST and CC to be Paid if Goods Sold in Market

·    Facility Expires on 31 March 2019

Central Tax Notification No. 01 dated 15th January 2019


Tariff Value of Palm Oil, Palmolein, Gold and Silver, Brass Scrap, Areca Nuts and Poppy Seeds Notified

Notification No. 04/2019-CUSTOMS (N.T.) dated 15 January 2019


Cabinet Approves Recapitalisation of Export-Import Bank of India

ABS News Service/17.01.2019


Relief for Start-Ups; New Procedure Put in Place for ‘Angel Tax’ Exemption

ABS News Service/17.01.2019


Anti-dumping Investigation Terminated on Epoxy Resins from China, EU, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand

Termination Order Case No. OI- 7/2018 dated 15 January 2019


New Shipper Review Initiated on Saturated Fatty Alcohols from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Saudi Arabia on Complaint of PT. Energi Sejahtera Mas, Indonesia and Sinarmas Cepsa, Singapore

DGTR Initiation Notification Case No. NSR-07/2018 (New Shipper Review) dated 15 January 2019


Rupee Falls by 85 paise against Dollar to Rs. 72.10 w.e.f. 18 Jan 2019



India among World’s Leading Exporters of Creative Goods

ABS News Service/18.01.2019


Vegetable oil imports up 11% in December

ABS News Service/18.01.2019


Seven Member Group of Ministers (GoM) Constituted for Boosting the Real Estate Sector under the GST Regime by Providing a Composition Scheme for Residential Construction Units among others

PIB Press Release/15.01.2019


Metaphenylene Diamine (MPDA) from China – Anti-dumping Duty Raised in Review

Customs Notification No. 05(ADD) dated 24 January 2019


Metaphenylene Diamine (MPDA) from China – Previous Ntfn 11/2014-Customs (ADD) dated 11 Mar 2014 Rescinded

Customs Notification No. 04(ADD) dated 24 January 2019


InterGlobe Aviation Gets Permission to Tranship Imported Cargo from New Delhi Air Cargo Complex to other 10 Major Ports

Delhi Customs House Public Notice No. 01 dated 17 January 2019


Delhi Customs Issues AEO Clients Registration Procedures

Delhi Customs House Public Notice No. 01 dated 17th January 2019


JNCH Commissionerates Observes Special Drive for Pending SAD Refund Claims from 16 Jan to 31 Jan 2019

Jawaharlal Nehru Customs House Public Notice 06 dated 15th January 2019


GST Appellate Tribunal (GSTAT) Approved by Cabinet

PIB Press Release dated 23 January 2019


Standby Swap $400mn in Overall USD2bn Facility Approved between SAARC Member

PIB Press Release dated 23rd January 2018


Commerce Ministry Invites Suggestions on Baba Kalyani Group Report on SEZ Policy

PIB Press Release dated 22nd January 2019


JNPT Emerges as Top 30 Container Port

PIB Press Release dated 22nd January 2018


Phased Manufacturing Plan for Mobile Batteries, Battery Parts @5%

·    Lithium Ion Cell, PCBA and Inputs for Cell and PCBA @0%

Ntfn 02/29.01.2019


Batteries for Electrical Vehicles under PMP with Duty @5%

·    Parts (Lithium-ion Cell and PCBA) @5%

·    Input for Parts at above @0%

·    Retaliatory Tariff Postponed on US Imports at Fifth Time to 2 March 2019

Ntfn 03/29.01.2019


Anti-dumping Duty on Fluoroelastomers (FKM) from China Notified



Seeks to rescind notification No. 8/2017-Central Tax (Rate) dated 28.06.2017 in view of bringing into effect the amendments (regarding RCM on supplies by unregistered persons) in the GST Acts

01/2019-Central Tax (Rate), dated 29-01-2019


Seeks to bring into force the CGST (Amendment) Act, 2018

02/2019-Central Tax, dated 29-01-2019


Seeks to amend the CGST Rules, 2017

03/2019-Central Tax, dated 29-01-2019


Seeks to amend notification No. 2/2017-Central Tax dated 19.06.2017 so as to define jurisdiction of Joint Commissioner (Appeals)

04/2019-Central Tax, dated 29-01-2019


Seeks to amend notification No. 8/2017-Central Tax dated 27.06.2017 so as to align the rates for Composition Scheme with CGST Rules, 2017

05/2019-Central Tax, dated 29-01-2019


Seeks to amend notification No. 65/2017-Central Tax dated 15.11.2017 in view of bringing into effect the amendments (to align Special Category States with the explanation in section 22 of CGST Act, 2017) in the GST Acts

06/2019-Central Tax, dated 29-01-2019


Seeks to rescind notification No. 32/2017-Central Tax (Rate) dated 13.10.2017 in view of bringing into effect the amendments (regarding RCM on supplies by unregistered persons) in the GST Acts

01/2019-Integrated Tax (Rate), dated 29-01-2019


Seeks to bring into force the IGST (Amendment) Act, 2018

01/2019-Integrated Tax, dated 29-01-2019


Seeks to amend notification No. 7/2017-Integrated Tax dated 14.09.2017 to align with the amended Annexure to Rule 138(14) of the CGST Rules, 2017.

02/2019-Integrated Tax, dated 29-01-2019


Seeks to amend notification No. 10/2017-Integrated Tax dated 13.10.2017 in view of bringing into effect the amendments (to align Special Category States with the explanation in section 22 of CGST Act, 2017) in the GST Acts

03/2019-Integrated Tax, dated 29-01-2019


Seeks to bring into force the GST (Compensation to States) Amendment Act, 2018

01/2018-Compensation Cess, dated 29-01-2019


Clubbing of Advance Authorisations (AA) upto 18 months Allowed

·    Para (vi), (vii), (viii) and (xiii) Inserted



Applicants Advised to Fill-up Case Summary Column 15 in ANF-2D in Policy Relaxation Committee Cases



Bio-Diesel Exports from Imported Feedstock Allowed to SEZ and EOU Units

·    Public Notice No.29 dated 28.08.2018 Restriction not Applicable



Labelling or Fixing RSP Allowed in All Customs Bonded Warehouse without Sec.65 of CA, 1962 Permission

CBIC Circular No. 3/ 2019-Customs dated 31 January 2019


Interest Equalisation Scheme

·    Merchant Exporters to Get Interest Equalisation of Three Percent

·    MSMEs Continue to Get 5% Subvention

·    Manufacturing Exporters Get 3% Subvention

Trade Notice No.45/2018-19 dated 1 February 2019


PUF Panels Import for Cold Storages for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables under EPCG Allowed

Public Notice No. 71/2015-20 dated 31 January 2019


Export Decline and Refixation of EO

18-Policy Circular/31.01.2019


GST Changes Clarifications

·    LUT in Export Allowed for Rupee Payment Cases under RBI Guidelines

·    Job Work Movement Clarified

·    Role and Liability of Principal

·    Job Worker Registration Criteria on All India Basis Now

·    Moulds and dies, jigs and fixtures or tools may not be included in the value of job work services provided its value has been factored in the price for the supply of such services by the job worker

·    Moulds return not required. They are treated as supply after expiry of free period

·    Allowing 14 days for owner/transporter to pay tax/penalty for seized goods

·    Form GST MOV-08 (para 4) Reverses

·    Mistakes in Payment be paid Voluntarily or through GST DRC-03

·    No Returns during Cancellation of Registration Proceedings

·    Taxpayer is freed from the routine compliances, including filing returns, under GST Act during the pendency of the proceedings related to cancellation

Circular No. 88/07/2019-GST dated 1 February 2019


GST Circular 46/2017 dated 24.11.2017 on Warehoused Goods Rescinded along with 03/01/2018/IGST dated 25.05.2018

Circular No. 04/2019-Customs dated 1 February 2019


Supply in Warehoused not under GST – Levy Applicable only after Customs Clearance into DTA

Circular No. 04/01/2019-GST dated 01.02.2019


Time Limit for FORM GST TRAN-1 Submission of Declaration Extended till 31 March 2019

Order No. 01/2019-GST dated 31 January 2019


Last Date for Filing FORM GSTR-7 for the month Oct-Dec 2018 Extended till 28 Feb 2019

Notification No.  07/2019 – Central Tax dated 31 January 2019


Tariff Value of Palm Oil, Palmolein, Gold and Silver, Brass Scrap, Areca Nuts and Poppy Seeds Notified

Notification No. 07/2019-Customs (N.T.) dated 31 January 2019


Furnishing Bank Guarantee or Cash Deposit not required for Temporary Import of Aircrafts for Aero Show Participation

Notification No. 4 /2019- Customs dated 7 February 2019


IGST Exemption on Supply of Services in Nepal or Bhutan against Rupee Payment Withdrawn

Notification No. 2/2019- Integrated Tax (Rate) dated 4 February 2019


E-com Module for Applying for MEIS for Courier or Postal Shipments

ANF 3D Application Format Revised

DGFT Trade Notice No. 46/2018-19 dated 6 February 2019


Amendments in ANF 3D Format for E Commerce Exports

DGFT Public Notice No. 72/2015-2020 dated 5 February 2019


Rupee Falls by 55 paise against Dollar to Rs. 72.65 w.e.f. 8 Feb 2019

Notification No. 09/2019 - Customs (N.T.) dated 8 February 2019


Anti-dumping Duty on Nitrocellulose from Brazil ($0.646/kg), Indonesia ($0.475/kg) and Thailand ($0.906/kg) Notified

Notification No. 7/2019-Customs (ADD) dated 7 February 2019


DGTR Terminates Anti-subsidy Investigation on Fluoroelastomers (FKM) from China

Termination Order Case No. (CVD) 7/2018 dated 5 February 2019


Procedure for New Shipper Review ('NSR') Investigations Streamlined

DGTR Trade Notice: 01/2019 dated 29 January 2019


Amendments in Customs Brokers Licensing Regulations 2018

·    NACIN to Conduct Customs Brokers Exams Online from Year 2019

Notification No. 08/2019 - Customs (N.T.) dated 6 February 2019


ECB Facility for Resolution Applicants under Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process

RBI Circular No. 18 dated 7th February 2019


Clusters Identified for Promotion of Agri Exports

ABS News Service/08.02.2019


Commerce Ministry Invites Comments from Stakeholders on Draft National Logistics Policy

ABS News Service/08.02.2019


Commerce Secy Meets Export Promotion Councils to Boost Exports

ABS News Service/08.02.2019


Calamity Cess Put on Hold Indefinitely

ABS News Service/08.02.2019


Rate Cut will Help Exports but Declining Trend in Exports Credit to be Arrested Immediately, FIEO President

ABS News Service/08.02.2019


Trade Disputes Complaints to be Filed Online from 11 Feb 2019



Appellate Powers of DGFT Regional Authorities and SEZs Must be Uploaded on DGFT website Immediately

DGFT ECA Circular No. 01 Dated 08.02.2019


Last Date for Filing GSTR-7 Extended to 28 Feb 2019 for of Jan 2019

Notification No. 8/2019 – Central Tax dated 8 February 2019


Procedure for Clearance of Export LCL Cargo Categorized as “Hazardous Goods”

Public Notice No.10/2019 dated 01 February 2019


Revised Procedure for Scanning of DPD-DPD Mode Containers

Public Notice No. 12/2019 dated 6 February 2019


Containers Leave ICD without Due Process of Registration and Issue of LEO of the Shipping Bills

Public Notice No. 13/2019 dated 06.02.2019


Customs Broker Exam Goes Online

·    Examination to be Conducted on 15th March, 2019 at Designated Examination Centers Across India

ABS News Service/11.02.2019


Plant Quarantine Agencies to Register under e-SANCHIT

Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine & Storage Faridabad Office Memorandum dated 11.02.2019


Anti-dumping Duty on Peroxosulphates from China and Japan Withdrawn –Ntfn 11/2013-ADD Rescinded



Anti-dumping Duty on High Tenacity Polyester Yarn from China – Changes in Exporter Name

·    “Hyosung Corporation, Korea” to “Hyosung Advance Materials Corporation (HAMC)”

·    “Zhejiang Guxiandao Industrial Fibre Co., Ltd.” to “Zhejiang Guxiandao Polyester Dope Dyed Yarn Co., Ltd”



Daewoo International Corporation Name Changed to POSCO Daewoo Corporation in Stainless Steel Flats Anti-dumping Case



Daewoo International Corporation Name Changed to POSCO Daewoo Corporation in Stainless Steel Flats Anti-dumping Case



DGFT Discontinues Issue of Physical Copy of Advance and EPCG Authorisation from 1 Mar 2019 Onwards

Policy Circular No. 19/2015-2020 dated 14 February 2019


Groundnut Shell and Kernels Import Allowed under HPS Groundnut Kernels SION

DGFT Public Notice No. 73/2015-2020 dated 14 February 2019


Tariff Value of Palm Oil, Palmolein, Gold and Silver, Brass Scrap, Areca Nuts and Poppy Seeds Notified

Notification No. 10/2019-CUSTOMS (N.T.) dated 15 February 2019


South African Rand Exchange Rate Revised

Notification No.11/2019 - Customs (N.T.) Dated 15 February, 2019


Guidelines for the Customs Brokers’ Examination Candidates

ABS News Service/16.02.2019


Exports Grow Marginally by 3.74% in Jan, Imports too Slow Down

ABS News Service/16.02.2019


TRIPS Council Launches New Notification System, Discusses Incentives for Technology Transfer

ABS News Service/16.02.2019


Prabhu Lauds Export Initiatives

ABS News Service/16.02.2019


Indo - U.S. CEO Forum Meets in Delhi

·    US Commerce Secretary Fails to Turn Up

ABS News Service/16.02.2019


India Denies MFN to Pakistan

·    Duty Hiked to 200 percent

·    All Goods Imported from Pakistan under Emergency Powers to Amend Customs Tariff Act, 1975

·    New Tariff Line 9806 00 00 Introduced

·    Existing Tariff Rates and Notification are inoperative since all goods will be classified in specific heading 9806 and not in Chapter heading

·    No amendment in notifications for Preferential Duties on Pak create confusion

·    Goods in transit and Passengers Baggage specially hit as all  must pay 200% duty plus 10% surcharge plus 18% IGST big total to astounding 275.80%

·    Non Consultation with Pak Violative of GATT Art I

·    SAPTA and DAFTA up in the Air

·    Goods in Transit from Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asia passing through Pakistan will also face the 200% duty

Notification No.05/2019-Customs dated 16 February 2019


Duty Drawback Rates and Cap Raised on

·    Staple Fibre Rates Upped

·    Specific rates for Silk, Shoes

·    More DBK for Gold, Silver Articles

·    Mobile Cap raised by Rs. 47 per piece

·    New Rates will come into force from 20th day of February 2019

Notification No. 12/2019 - Customs (N.T.) dated 16 February 2019


Inter State Supplies to Unregistered Persons Must be Reported in FORM GSTR-3B and FORM GSTR-1

Circular No. 89/08/2019-GST dated 18 February 2019


Intra State Payment of CGST and SGST Accepted instead of IGST Applicable on Warehoused Supply

·    One Time Exception Allowed

Circular No. 91/10/2019-GST dated 18 February 2019


Place of Supply to be Mentioned Inter State Supply Invoice

Circular No. 90/09/2019-GST dated 18 February 2019


Red Sanders Wood Obtained from Private Land Allowed against Licence in Raw Form

·    Value Added Products Export List Expanded to Allow from Stocks Derived from Private Land

Notification No. 56/2015-2020 dated 18 February 2018


Procedure for Obtaining Export Licence for Export of Red Sanders Wood Sourced from Private Land

Public Notice No. 74 /2015-20 dated 18 February 2019


Limit of 20% for Single Corporate in FPI Debt Portfolio Withdrawn

A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No. 19 dated February 15, 2019


Cabinet Approves National Policy on Electronics (NPE) 2019

·    Full Detail only after 5 days as Finance Ministry stamp required

·    Emphasis on chipsets

·    Manufacture thru ESDM, exports

·    Interest subsidy and loan guarantee to push Indian companies

·    Sovereign Patent Fund for Chips

·    Targets $400bn by 2025

·    Mobile Phones account 47.5% of product with 100 cr phones New year

·    Export Orientation

·    New Cluster Scheme

·    Common low cost components to be sold by Govt

ABS News Service/20.02.2019


Asean Expo under FICCI from 21 Feb at JLN Stadium in Delhi

ABS News Service/20.02.2019


CP Rao and Ranjan Routray Join Settlement Commission Bench

ABS News Service/20.02.2019


New Oil and Gas Policy Approved by Cabinet

ABS News Service/20.02.2019


News Bytes

ABS News Service/20.02.2019


Plumbing Exhibition in Goregaon 28 Feb- 2 Mar

ABS News Service/20.02.2019


Third Party Exports from SEZ Units thru DTA Allowed in MEIS!

·    Documents to give Both Party

·    BRC in DTA Party Name

·    Factory Seal on SEZ/EOU Unit in Shipping Bill



No Physical Copy of Advance/EPCG Authorisation on Security Paper Now

·    MEIS No is enough for Regn at Port, Customs to Get Detail thru EDI

·    Non EDI Ports will Issue Physical Copy

·    Customs to Debit Duty Electronically

·    Export Obligation Monitoring by Customs Now, Excise Jurisdiction Removed



Draft “Manifest and Transhipment Regulations (Aircraft) 2019” Released

·    Dept of Revenue Invites Suggestions

ABS News Service/22.02.2019


CBIC Clarifications on Duty Drawback Rates Changes Effective from 20 Feb 2019



In-Bond Manufacture under Sec.65 now Restricted only Approved EOU EHTP under Cir.35/2016 dtd 29 July 2016

·    In-bound Manufacture Circular 132/95 dtd 22 Dec 1995 for All Entities Rescinded



Online Filing of FORM GSTR-3B thru Common Portal for the Month of Jan 2019 Extended to 28 Feb 2019 for J&K Taxpayers

Notification No. 09/2019 – Central Tax dated 20 February 2019


Rupee Gains by 65 paise against Dollar to Rs. 72.00 w.e.f. 22 Feb 2019