India among World’s Leading Exporters of Creative Goods

ABS News Service/18.01.2019

Vegetable oil imports up 11% in December

ABS News Service/18.01.2019

Seven Member Group of Ministers (GoM) Constituted for Boosting the Real Estate Sector under the GST Regime by Providing a Composition Scheme for Residential Construction Units among others

PIB Press Release/15.01.2019

Cabinet Approves Recapitalisation of Export-Import Bank of India

ABS News Service/17.01.2019

Relief for Start-Ups; New Procedure Put in Place for ‘Angel Tax’ Exemption

ABS News Service/17.01.2019

Export Growth Slows to 0.34% in Dec 2018

MoC&I Press Release dated 15th January 2019

Trade Exhorts Minister for AA Reform with Retrospective Effect

·    Minister Notes Steep Fall in Export Credit Utilisation

ABS News Service/10.01.2019

Patent Law to Cover Monsanto Patent on Cotton Seeds

·    Nariman Sinha Overturn HC Verdict on No Patent to GM Seed

ABS News Service/10.01.2019

New Agri Export Policy Aims Doubling of Shipment in 4 Years to $60bn

ABS News Service/10.01.2019

Revenue Claims 3626 GST Evasion Cases Detected in 9 Months till Dec 2018, Recovery Rate of 66.4% in Evasion of 15278 crs

·    Analytics Directorate in CBIC Detects Cases through Data Mining

ABS News Service/10.01.2019

Four Fold Increase in Cotton Production in Last 15 Years Claimed using GM Cotton

ABS News Service/10.01.2019

Minister Claim Compulsory Neem Coating of Urea Kills Urea Diversion

ABS News Service/10.01.2019

GST Revenue Collection Falls in December 2018

·   Rs. 94,726 crore of total gross GST revenue collected in the month of December

PIB Press Release dated 1 Jan 2019

Merchant Exporters to get Interest Equalisation of Three Percent for Pre and Post Shipment Rupee Export Credit

PIB Press Release dated 2nd January 2019

Export Promotion Council for MSME Sector

·   Integration of MSME in Global Value Chain with $100bn Exports Proposed

PIB Press Release dated 31st December 2018

WTO Sets up Panel on India Complaint against US Duties on Indian Exports of Steel and Aluminium

PIB Press Release dated 31st December 2018

New Policy for FDI in e-commerce

PIB Press Release dated 26th December 2018

Decisions in GST Council Meet of 22 Dec 2018 to GST Rates on Services

ABS News Service/26.12.2018

Big Cuts in GST Likely in 22 Dec Council Meeting

ABS News Service/21.12.2018

Minister Says New GST Return Filing System on the Anvil

·    Links between Docs to Check Evasion in the Works

ABS News Service/21.12.2018

WTO Members Voice Commitment to Intensify Fisheries Subsidies Negotiations in 2019

ABS News Service/21.12.2018

Prabhu Pushes Export to SAARC

ABS News Service/18.12.2018

Sugar Mills Threatens with Action for Failing Quarterly Export Target

ABS News Service/17.12.2018

Trade Restriction Increases Seven Fold after WTO Weakens

ABS News Service/14.12.2018

Korean Won and Turkish Lira Recognised for Customs Valuation Exchange Rate

MoF Press Release dated 12 December 2018

Cabinet Approves Agriculture Export Policy, 2018

ABS News Service/07.12.2018

DRI concludes discussions with International Customs partner agencies in a two-day meeting held on 4th and 5th December, 2018;

·      Special emphasis made on sharing of data and intelligence between different Customs administrations;

·     Extensive discussions held regarding mutual strategy to counter organized crime related to drugs, precious metals & stones, money laundering and black economy

ABS News Service/07.12.2018

WTO Chief Warns of Economic Danger of Trade War

ABS News Service/07.12.2018

EU Asks India to Drop Mandatory Quality Testing for Steel Imports

ABS News Service/06.12.2018

Rs 2,678 crore ITC Refunds Pending with States, Exporters Too are Short of Rs 2,473 crores on IGST Refund

MoF Press Release dated 03.12.2018

Cereal and Vegetable Waste can be Used for Ethanol Extraction Petrol Blending

ABS News Service/29.11.2018

UK to Join Government Procurement Agreement at WTO Independent Brexit

ABS News Service/29.11.2018

Quadricycles (Four Wheeler or Three Wheeler Body) Notified as Non Transport Vehicles also under MV Act, 1988

Ministry of Road Transport & Highways Press Release dated 23.11.2018

US Says No to India on Talks at WTO on 25% Steel and 10% Aluminium Tariffs

·    Second Request on Talks to Result in Panel

·    India’s Retaliatory Tariff on US due on 17 Dec

·    Eight Others including EU and China too in WTO Over US Metal Tariffs

ABS News Service/23.11.2018

First Trade War in Offing at NTBs Rise Six Fold in Six Months of May-Oct 2018

ABS News Service/23.11.2018

Consuming Nations Protest Agri Export Restrictions

ABS News Service/23.11.2018

WTO Goods Council Takes up US Request for Full Transparency in Reporting WTO, Fines and Punishment for Non-adherence to Rules Proposed

·   Full Loaded 37 Items Agenda Proposed, India on the Mat on Mobiles and ICT Tariff

·   Sugar Subsidies from India and China Questioned

·   Five Countries Launch Attack on Pulses Duty in India

·   US Objects to Restrictions on Scrap Import in China

ABS News Service/21.11.2018

Australia Takes India to WTO on Sugar Subsidies

ABS News Service/17.11.2018

Exports Up to 17.9% to $26.98bn in October

·    Imports too Rise to $44bn, a Rise of 17.6%

·    Gold Imports Fall 42.9% to $1.68bn in Oct

MoC&I Press Release dated 15 November 2018

PM Unveils 12 Key Initiatives for MSME Support and Outreach

59 Minute Loan Portal to Enable Easy Access to Credit for MSMEs

·    Mandatory 25 percent Procurement from MSMEs by CPSEs

·    Ordinance for Simplifying Procedures for Minor Offences under Companies Act

ABS News Service/15.11.2018

Chairman CBIC Inaugurates Regional Contact Point (RCP) Three Days Meeting of Asia Pacific Region of WCO at Jaipur

·    India Assumes Vice Chair of Asia Pacific Region for WCO

·    Delegations from More than 25 Countries along with Regional Bodies of WCO Attending

ABS News Service/15.11.2018

India Secures More Time for RCEP

·    Move Postponed but Major Concessions to ASEAN + Six Accepted

ABS News Service/14.11.2018

ITU to Set Up Shop in India in Jan

ABS News Services/09.11.2018

Commerce Secy Asks China for Access to Sugar Market

·    India Participates in Import Show in Shanghai

ABS News Services/09.11.2018

India Claims Support from Three Asean Members for Freeze on RCEP at Auckland Meet

ABS News Services/09.11.2018

Precision Biotechnology Emerges as a Tool for Agricultural Innovation

ABS News Services/09.11.2018

FIEOs participation as Lead Agency for India Pavilion at the 1st China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai

ABS News Services/09.11.2018

India on the Mat at WTO for 20% Mobile Duty

·    Rectification of Bound Rate of Zero to Alters Scope of IT Commitment, says Subject Committee

·    China too Hauled up for Duty on Semiconductors

ABS News Service/03.11.2018

RFID Tag Must in UP for E-Way Bill

ABS News Service/02.11.2018

Govt Claims Good Progress in Customs on “Ease of Doing Business” Front

ABS News Service/02.11.2018

US Withdraws GSP to India on 90 Items

·    Handloom Fabrics and Hand Woven Carpets Hit Badly

ABS News Service/02.11.2018

Revised Mandatory Standard for Dry Cell Battery

·    With the publication of this revised Indian Standard, IS 9128:1999 is superseded and hence shall be withdrawn after 30 April 2019.

·    Indian Standard i.e. IS 8144:2018 covering all types of Zinc Carbon batteries of different sizes namely R03, R6, R14 and R20 from 1 May 2019 including Heavy Duty Dry Batteries released. Old IS 8144:1997 and 9128:1999 replaced.

ABS News Service/29.10.2018

WTO Negotiators Look to Lay Groundwork on Post-Brexit Food Import Quotas

ABS News Service/18.10.2018

Finance Ministers Call for Greater Cooperation on Trade, "Shared Challenges": IMF, World Bank Meetings

ABS News Service/18.10.2018

Sept Exports Down by 2.15%, Trade Deficit at 5-month low

MoC&I Press Release dated 15 October 2018

Merchandise Trade: April - September 2018 and September 2018

MoC&I Press Release dated 15 October 2018

Govt Set to Dump Direct Port Delivery Scheme

·    Freight Stations to Get a Fresh Lease of Life

ABS News Service/11.10.2018

Commerce Minister Releases Study on India-China Trade

ABS News Service/06.10.2018

SEZ Policy Review Committee Holds Final Meeting in New Delhi

ABS News Service/06.10.2018

Commerce Minister Chairs Inter-Ministerial Meeting to Promote Economic Growth

ABS News Service/05.10.2018

Geographical Indication (GI) Tag for Alphonso Mango from Konkan

ABS News Service/05.10.2018

DGFT says Comprehensive Export Strategy Finalised, Outstanding Issues Taken Up with Other Ministries

ABS News Service/04.10.2018

Agri Negotiations at WTO – Update

ABS News Service/28.09.2018

India Exports Non-basmati Rice to China for the First Time

ABS News Service/28.09.2018

Indian Steel Association Announces the First International Steel Conclave in India

ABS News Service/28.09.2018

RBI Relaxes SLR Rules to Ease Liquidity Fears

·    Banks Allowed to Use up to 15% of SLR Holdings

ABS News Service/28.09.2018

WTO Down Grades Growth in Trade in 3.9% in 2018 from 4.4%

ABS News Service/28.09.2018

Consumer Durables and Other “Non Essential” Items Hiked on 26 Sept 2018

ABS News Service/27.09.2018

Rising imports from China hit MSMEs hard: House panel

ABS News Service/26.09.2018

Auto Out of Charge without Custom Approval Allowed in Chennai Customs

Chennai Customs Brokers’ Association

Foreign Standards Accepted for Free Import of Motor Vehicles in M1 or L Category upto 2500 per Year

·    Import through Authorised Reps Must

ABS News Service/21.09.2018

Fraudulent ITC of Rs. 79.21 crs Detected in Gurugram

ABS News Service/21.09.2018

China Plans Broad Tax Cut on Tariff Next Month

ABS News Service/20.09.2018

US, China Prepare to Impose New Round of Tariffs Next Week, Targeting Billions of Dollars in Goods

ABS News Service/20.09.2018

G20 Trade Ministers Call for "Urgent" Discussions on WTO Update and Efforts to Boost Confidence in Trade

ABS News Service/20.09.2018

Suresh Prabhu Urges G-20 Members to Focus on Services for Enhancing Global Trade

MoC&I Press Release dated 18-09-2018

China Retaliates as US Slaps Tariffs

ABS News Service/19.09.2018

Govt Plans Hike in Gold Import Duty to Check Rising CAD

·    Move may Hamper Exports, say Jewellers

ABS News Service/19.09.2018

Radical Invoicing Proposal could do Away with GST Returns Chore

·    Business-to-Business (B2B) Transactions

·    ‘Distinct Invoice Number’ (DIN)

ABS News Service/19.09.2018

FIEO Concerned Over Currency Instability, Notes Up 19% in August at $27.84bn

FIEO Press Release dated 14th September 2018

Imports Up 36% in August

·    Balance of Trade Deteriorates by $9bn in August as Gold Import Doubles, Oil Up 65%, Coal 57%

Ministry of Commerce & Industry Press Release dated 14th September 2018

2500 Units Import Quota for Foreign Vehicles

·   Notification under Issue

ABS News Service/14.09.2018

EPR Authorisation not Required for Electrical and Electronic Eqpt not Listed in Sch. I of E-waste Rules, 2016

·   EPR not Required in Self Consumption Cases

·   Manufacturers Selling to EPR Producers Exempted from EPR

Central Pollution Control Board Clarification dated 13th September 2018

Trump Gets Last-Minute Earful from Business Before China Tariffs

ABS News Service/07.09.2018

India Meets ASEAN+10 Separately, Pressure Mounts on Concessions

PIB Delhi Press Release dated 1st September 2018

ASEAN Allows Self Certification on Origin of Exports and Imports

ABS News Service/07.09.2018

ASEAN Accords Digital Integration and E-commerce

ABS News Service/07.09.2018

India Pitches for Limited Partnerships in RCEP Submits “Non Paper” for Discussion in 10+6 Body

PIB Delhi Press Release dated 4th September 2018

Fourth BIMSTEC Summit Declaration, Kathmandu, Nepal (August 30-31, 2018)

ABS News Service/01.09.2018

Member Customs to Head New Working Group with DGFT

ABS News Service/01.09.2018

Zero Duty Capital Goods Imports against Employment Generation for WTO Compatibility on the Anvil

ABS News Service/21.08.2018

Livestock Exports Banned by Shipping Ministry

·      Merchant Shipping Act Misuse, Vessel Control for Safety Clause used for “Health and Security” of Sheep and Goat Exported for Id Celebration in Gulf

ABS News Service/11.08.2018

Third GST Refund Fortnight results in Rs. 3,391 Crs Outflow

ABS News Service/03.08.2018

ITC Laundering of 200 crs in Plastic Detected

ABS News Service/03.08.2018

Inland Waterways Authority of India Launches Dedicated Portal to Connect Cargo Owners and Shippers with Real Time Data on Availability of Vessels

ABS News Service/03.08.2018

FIEO Hails Increase in Limit for Courier Exports and E-commerce Exports

FIEO Press Release dated 27 July 2018

10th BRICS Summit Johannesburg Declaration

PIB Press Release dated 26 July 2018

WTO Claims Trade Restrictive Measures and Trade Facilitating Measures by Members are Compensatory

ABS News Service/26.07.2018

Govt Claims Gold Import Declined of Restriction

·    There are no figures for seizures and smuggling gold which have gone up substantially

ABS News Service/25.07.2018

India Seeks More Time to Cut Agri Subsidies

ABS News Service/25.07.2018

China Trade Policy Review Concludes, Highlighting IPRs, Industrial Policy, and Transparency

ABS News Service/21.07.2018

EU, Japan Leaders Sign Trade Deal, Look Towards 2019 for Entry into Force

ABS News Service/21.07.2018

US Files Series of WTO Cases, Targeting Responses to Steel, Aluminium Tariffs

ABS News Service/21.07.2018

Reconsider Zero Duties on E-transmission, they Hurt Poor Nations: India, South Africa tell WTO